Perfecting the Live

Facebook Lives

We have been going Live for almost a year now, Facebook Live that is.  Everyone makes it look so easy, but we have learned there is a lot of work that goes into pulling off a high quality Live!

Products have to be selected, prepped and numbered. We use an invoicing platform for our Lives so everything has to be prepped in the platform as well.  Then we advertise and invite to promote the live hoping to get more and more viewers each week.

Emily & Gracie regularly host our lives while Katie and I work behind the scenes running technology.  Lately, I have worked to make the live better.  Lighting, scenery & sound are all things that enhance the quality of the live.  Of course if you don’t have people like Emily & Gracie who keep the Live going with funny stories, product descriptions, and encouraging viewer participation, all the technology won’t give you a successful Live!

Haven’t watched us Live?  Tune in on 7pm on Thursdays.  We share, new arrivals, themed events, and sales.  We would love your feedback on how we are doing! Write us at



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